Precise Regulator

Reliable performance with cheaper price compared to GVS.
For tube 3mm/4mm
Special printing would not be wipped by achohol.
1. Made by white ABS and clear TPE;
2. Max operating pressure: 0.5 bar in static condition, Gravity Set;
3. Max operating temperature: 45℃;
4. Max sterilization temperature: 45℃;
5. Operating Range: for 0.9% NaCl solution, 10 to 250 ml/h (<10ml is not defined);
6. Tolerance of flow rate:21~250ml/h is ±20%, 10~20ml/h is 30%, <10ml is not defined;
7. Stablity of Flow Rate: 10% flow rate fluctuation during 24 hours infusion (tested with NaCl 0,9% solution from glass bottles);
8. No leakage under 50kpa;