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Product range

Main market

Annual sales


Production Capacity


—Shanghai China

—Trader & OEM Manufacturer

—Medical Consumables

—South America , Europe , Middle East , Korea

—Over 12,000,000 USD

—EC Certificate & ISO13485

Infusion Device 150 million / year
Syringes 700 million / year
Hypodermic needles 1200 million / year


100,000 class clean Room

15,000 ㎡ in total

Automatic blister packaging machine

19 devices

Test laboratory

Physics & Biology

Automatic Injection molding machine

50 Devices

Fully automatic assembly machines

28 devices

E.O. Sterilization house

25 m³ × 6

Our Price

China has combined low laber cost and progressive technology , is becoming a new choice for medical distributors worldwide.
As an OEM manufacturer , we provide reliable quality products with close-to-cost price.

Quality control

Medical consumables production needs to consider both quality and production efficiency . With 15 years accumulation, we have achieved more than 80% of mechanized and automatic production. Every batch cargos would be sampling and should pass the physical and biology test before delivery.

Product line

We have been committied to infusion device production for decades , our main products including all kinds of Infusion set and syringes.
In order to meet diverse needs of customers , we have allied with other elite manufacturers to expand our product line. We hope one day our channel could provide full range consumables to customers.


During earlier years business development , we realized that customer needs not only good products but also positive interaction in the whole process. And now our trading department and technical team could provide clients with strong support for registration , complaints handling and shipment arrangement. Even we could develop new products according to customer's requirements.

CE Certificate & ISO 13485